Everything we see, most of what we do and much of what we feel is touched by light, yet lighting is the most overlooked aspect of good workscape design.

The basic requirement of good lighting in any environment is to provide proper and sufficient light to enable people to work effectively and efficiently while creating a comfortable environment with a minimum of fatigue. Productivity is directly related to proper lighting.

Whether light for Work Spaces, light for Living Spaces, light for Selling and Viewing Spaces or light for Hospitality and Entertainment, managing the effects and the costs of lighting is what Mountain West electric does best.

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are an integral part of any lighting system. From simple on-off wall switches to computer-controlled energy management of large scale commercial and industrial lighting installations, Mountain West electric has the skill and knowledge developed over scores of lighting installations to ensure satisfaction with all your lighting applications.

You can also rely on us for microprocessor controlled whole home integrated lighting systems.